We were not created to go through life alone.

Connect Groups are small groups that meet different days, times, and places through the week to connect people TO God, IN community, and ON mission. Scroll through the page and find a group that might be a fit for you and get connected to all groups by clicking the register button!

Connect Group FAQs

Why Connect Groups?

Small groups in some form have been a part of King’s Way for many years. The relaunch and rebrand to Connect Groups brings the best of what we have done with discipleship groups and Community Groups together. The purpose of Connect Groups is to connect people to God, in community, and on mission.

What about the Community Group I have been a part of?

Talk with your leader about the future direction of your group. Some groups are coming under the covering of Connect Groups and others feel that what they are doing needs to continue “as is.” Community Groups may still meet, but they will not fall under the umbrella of Connect Groups. You have the opportunity to be in both if you so choose.

What about childcare?

We are working on 2 avenues to provide childcare. First, some of our groups meet at King’s Way on Wednesday nights during our regularly scheduled midweek service time. We have full kid’s programming on those nights and families can take advantage of that opportunity to meet in groups. Some families that have groups in their homes invite kids to come be a part of the group & it is listed in their group info if they do. We are working on an option of having students from Reach Student Ministry to help as well, and will update as soon as that is an option.

What about curriculum for the group?

All of our groups are kicking off following the same curriculum/material together. After searching and prayer, we have decided to kick off the fall using the Bible Engagement Project (Bibleengagementproject.com). There is an app that you will download to your phone or tablet and each week, the group will walk through a discussion together from a specific Bible passage as well as follow with personal devotions each week to support the material.

How long are groups together?

We will run the groups on a semester system (fall & winter/spring). Ideally, a person would connect to a group and commit to being a part of the group for the year. Lasting relationships and accountability come with time together. At the end of the semester, though, two things may happen: 1) you may feel that you would like to try a different group, or 2) the group may have grown and need to multiply to make room for more people. Either way, we encourage you to wait until the end of the semester to make that change.

How long are groups?

We anticipate groups running 1 hour – 1.5 hours, and some groups may choose to be together longer. There are 3 vital elements to each group: community/fellowship, the Bible, and prayer. Some groups may incorporate food or other fun elements – and we encourage that! – but at the core, these groups are not just social clubs; the goal is for each of us to become more like Jesus – and we do that as we connect with each other and connect with the Father together.